Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sorry for delay

Well i got stuck with the utf8 issues, but did add debug info so others can see where it is failing.
Im working on a newproject atm called WiiCR , its a media player solution for the nintendo Wii.

Plans for namefix.pl atm are to release 4.0 with debug info and no utf8 support. I will begin creating namefix-cli.pl that will use the 4.0 libs. The old cli version never had these issues with international characters so Im hoping that the cli ui (which is needed anyway) will narrow down the problem even more.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

UTF8 issues

Well after months of no problems with international characters the shit finally hit the fan. I have finally managed to upset perl and tk and the result is international characters being garbled.

ATM Im currently adding a basic debug system to narrow down where UTF8 goes from being fine to fucked. It seems it only happens when perl makes a filesystem call on a string containing file name with international characters. -d. -f and rename all exhibit this problem which never before used to be an issue.

What I currently need is a definite routine to detect international strings, then once I can tell if I am dealing with a UTF8 string I can try to solve the renaming issue as well. Id really appreciate some input on the problem if any one out there has some good solid exp with perl + tk + utf8.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

now open for donations :)

If you look down the righthand menu you will see my donation button. Feel free to send me a few dollars to show appreciation. Donations will be announced in my blog unless a person wishes to remain anonymous.

So remember if you would like to make my day,
just drop a few dollars my way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4.0 RC4 released today

Well after copying nearly 40gig of vids off my mate I needed to give them a good cleanout, fortunately for me I found a few more things in need of tweaking.

4.0 RC4
  • dots2spaces wasnt working correctly with underscore set as space delimiter fixed.
  • Fixed previous version typo.
  • improved general cleanup yet again (wasnt properly cleaning if space delimiter was anything but space).
  • added some more tags to rm words list
  • manual rename updates the original filename when apply is pressed.
  • rm words wasnt correctly working on directories (fixed).
  • was still using $_ instead of $file in some places in fixname.pm (fixed)
  • When renaming directories general cleanup and rm words now work as expected.
Nearly there I reckon, but no point rushing it Id rather have 4.0 out next year than release it with annoying bugs / quirks.

Monday, November 06, 2006

typo in RC3

Im sure alot of u noticed that after installing RC3 namefix.pl 4.o RC2 still pops up in the title bar, just an oversight on my behalf if you check the changelog you will see it is RC3.


Monday, October 30, 2006

4.0 RC3

Space delimiter option was not working correctly, fixed.

Its a good thing Evilzombie caught the space delimiter bug when renaming (thanks again), he has a lot of files to rename after a big leech so hopefully it will provided a thorough test of 4.0 RC3.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

namefix.pl 4.0 RC2 released (finally)

Sorry for the long delay ppl but as I have said before bug tracking bores the hell out of me. Then I got side tracked on my new project piratebot, it parsers set rss feeds, filters then reports to irc channels. I will release piratebot to the public under gpl as soon as I get the code cleaned up.

Anyway, new stuff with RC2: manual rename has been updated, general cleanup updated.

Hopefully RC2 will become 4.0 (Im my hardest critic).

Sunday, September 24, 2006

namefix.pl 4.0 RC1

Well I lost intrest in Neverwinter Nights about a week or 2 ago, for the time being (games rarely hold my atttention) and I have been going over the code with a fine tooth comb.

So many bug fixes etc, was going to release 3.95 as a in between but I was lazy and here we are now with 4.0 RC1 ready for use.


4.0 RC1
  • fixed glitch with manual rename, where after renaming wrong file was passed to manual rename sub.
  • added alot more international char converts, thanks to Mauro J. Jaskelioff
  • Improved guess tag routines
  • tags were not being displayed in correct columns, fixed
  • removed .? from begining and end of url pattern, was removing . before ext
  • save window size checkbox will remain ticked if user saves window size.
  • improved general cleanup regexp's
  • sp casing regexp now catches words @ with _ or . surrounding it
  • Added International character à to casing regexp was allready in International support.
  • Updated Spaces regexp
  • optimized pad w zeros regexps (reduced regexp lines by 50%)
  • Overhauled truncate to code, much smaller and efficient
  • fixed file icons not displaying after rename
  • updated tool tips (more straight forward etc).
  • Optimized general cleanup regexps as well as add support for different space delimiters.
  • All options should fully support and recognize space _ and . as space chars.
  • right click on hlist now selects item under it (been trying to figure that out for ages.
  • Added new padding option (yes I know feature freeze n all), it puts an x between what it belives to be season and episode numbers. ie: 101 -> 1x01, 0911 -> 09x11 etc. for extra safety it will not do this on 4 digit numbers that start with 19 or 20 to avoid mistaking dates.
  • added notv to kill word list
  • added nl to url matching regexp
  • added SG-1 to spec word casing list
  • pad NxNN with 0 wasnt matching files with . or _ for space delimiter, fixed

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

namefix.pl available through FreeBSD Ports

This is great, FreeBSD users can now install namefix.pl by typing:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/namefix/ && make install clean

Cool huh, now if I can get namefix.pl into the gentoo & debian package systems I will be a happy person (Ive always wanted a program I wrote available like that).

Checkout FreshPorts for more info.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

google rankings

Its my pet peeve that other batch file renamer programs which have: less features than mine, 30 day timeouts or a price tag are all listed before namefix.pl in google when I search for "batch file renamer". Even adding free to the search string doesnt pull up namefix.pl on the 1st couple of pages.

So I ask you, my userbase to help namefix.pl climb the ranks in google. Id hate for some1 to purchase a competing program when mine is free.

How you can help, well linking to this blog and refer people to this program (if you like it).

In short, help get the word out :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

namefix.pl 3.9b release

Download from sourceforge as per usual.


  • 3.9b
  • added fqm and tcm to rm words
  • spacer put between dir contents when listing recursively
  • fixed .. and ../.. showing up in dir string :)
  • cd for recursive listing seems to be working (not sure what I did).
  • removed some orphaned variables
  • bookmarking network paths now work properly
  • truncate was still reading max file length not truncate to, fixed
  • adjusted width of input boxes on truncate tab
  • removed debug print statements

  • 3.9a
  • guess mp3 tags is done through a sub, easier to update
  • shifted all global variables to their own file
  • turned off warnings on main script
  • clear button clears the neccesary string entry boxes and check boxes
  • truncate to has its own variable - save enabled.
  • settings file no longer changes with version number (settings frozen)

3.9b feels pretty close to 4.0, but I will have to use it for awhile to be sure, I hate doing a big number release then 1-2 days after u have to put out a lil bugfix.

Friday, September 15, 2006


heheh, I know I said it would get 4.0 done but I started playing Neverwinter Nights. So Im having a bit of a break.

I still check my emails etc, so if u find a bug lemme know (its really boring work bug hunting).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

status update

Well I have fixed most of the lil bugs in namefix.pl. The last one todo is making directory browsing work with recursive listing mode.

Ive decided the 1st thing 5.0 will need is an option to cancel current listing, nf do weird things atm if u click list again while listings (nothing criticial, just mildly annoying). Being this close to a 4.0 release Im not adding any new features.

4.0 should be released in a week (unless Im more lazy than I expect).

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

namefix.pl 3.9 released !

Feeling more awake now, so Ive uploaded to sourceforge and made the freshmeat annoucement.

Download namefix.pl:

Enjoy, if your a person for last minute requests nows the time to ask for a feature, Else look forward to the polished and optimized 4.0.

namefix.pl 3.9 to be released soon

Id release it now if I wasnt so tired :P

Anyway updates include:
  • Simplified function names
  • Ability to set genre for all processed files
  • Ability to set year for all processed files
  • Manual rename has been fixed.
  • Year and Genre are editable on manual edit dialog.
  • The desired genre is selected from a combobox
The current list of genres is just a quick 1 I found with google intended for id3v1 if some1 has a complete list of genres for id3v2 please email it to me thanks.

Once 3.9 is released I will be doing a thorough inspection of the code, cleanout old redundant code, Break big sections off into their own pm file. Please once 3.9 is out send me any errors you do encounter and any suggestions for simplfing the function names anymore is weclome.

I have to say, with these newly added id3 options organizing my mp3 tags (something Im very fussy about) is now a breeze. Previously I used Amarok on linux, excellent media player which has similar functionality and before that xmms/ winamp which caused frequent RSI. The other problem I used to encouter was winamps id3v2 vs xmms's rather weak support, but no more thanks to namefix.pl treating id3v1 as the backup tag.

Stuff that will not make 4.0 are still planned features:
  • block mode renaming
  • ed2k link pass through support
I had a recent request for the following feature "Music organizing, ie automatically creating directory structure and shifting music files to appropiate directory". While I would love to put this in for 4.0 its not really covered by namefix.pl's intended scope, meaning I feel it would be out of place in a batch file renamer. I do however plan to create an application that does just that as a complimenting program for namefix.pl after 4.0.

Monday, August 28, 2006

3.7 released

Yay, can use the web enough to update namefix.pl.

Main update: completed id3v2 support thanks being able to reference this script "id3_tag.pl" written Mike Comb. Both tags are written as one, if either tag is missing or incomplete it will be filled in from the non missing tag. New options to remove id3v1 or id3v2 tags.

Download 3.7 at sourceforge.net.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bloody useless isp and transparent proxy server

Sorry for the lag in updates people, but unfortunately my isp http://amnet.com.au/ have been fucking around with the transparent proxy all week. Whats more annoying is my previous isp http://perthinternet.com (amnet bought them up) didnt have a TP enabled which made them an isp worth signing up with. So anyway after a whole week of piss poor internet service it seems to be working again, except Im unable to access www.blogger.com (Im using the neat app Tor atm to get here). I can access namefix.blogspot.com and beta.blogspot.com but no no not the 1 I need.

Transparent proxy: rather than have the option of recieving day old news and incorrect 404 errors via the isps webproxys cache relay its forced. Which means if your TP fucks up all web traffic is unacessible, rather than just changing proxy settings.

So in summary, amcom admins cant setup a transparent proxy to save their lifes and while unlikely they may have intentionally blocked my direct access to my blog (Ive dealt with petty isp's before *cough cough westnet.com.au cough*).

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


bookmarks now update :), though updating bookmarks will cause it to shift around.
atm I dont know how to position a menu when creating it.

With regards to the newly added filter, for those who will be using regexp this is how it ends up:


I will probably change it to:


so ^ and $ can be used, comments welcome.

On another topic I have been using the "perl express" IDE and It has been a nice jump from programming in vi/ win32pad. My one gripe with the program is it wont jump to errors in my libs, only the main script file. If any1 knows of a better IDE for perl please let me know.

download namefix.pl 3.6a from rarhost.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

namefix.pl 3.6

main change is the addition of the excel style filter at the top of the list.
You can now rename a selection of files by entering a common part of the filenames.

  • the filter button is really just another list buttin, they do the same thing.
  • directorys are shown regardless atm for the benefit of recurisve mode.

download 3.6 rar from rarhost

namefix.pl has had unicode support since 1.x

attention makers of Quick File Rename v5.0 in reply to this claim:

"Full unicode support for international character sets, e.g Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Tamil, German, Russian, etc. Very cool! Currently this is only renaming application with such support."

namefix.pl has had unicode support for literally ages, Martin added it back in the 1.x days. It can also translate international characters to their english equivalent. According to reports it works fine for files with german, russian and korean characters. Ive yet to hear how it works with Japanese characters, I imagine it wouldnt work the best with kanji.

There are a limitations with perl/tk and unicode atm but nothing that stops namefix.pl renaming correctly. The only quirk i have seen to date is when displaying the renamed file a character will appear as ? in namefix.pl, rest assured the rename worked as expected.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Few nice updates, mainly asthetic.

  • aligned track entry in manual edit
  • directories listed first in non recursive mode.
  • .. now shown in recursive listing mode.
  • maximum file name length can be set from truncate tab as well as preferences.

thanks again to rarhost for the freehosting.


Friday, August 18, 2006

Thursday, August 17, 2006

namefix.pl 3.5.3

got some more nice features done, ie id3 support for manual renaming

3.5.2 -> 3.5.3 changes
  • id3 support added to manual renaming
  • guess_tag function created for easy updates to file patterns.
  • can guess tags when using manual rename.
  • can cd into directorys by double clicking them
  • can cd to parent directory by double clicking .. entry (only for non recursive mode atm).
  • hlist has beginings of a right click menu, atm only manual edit is done.
  • removed right click menus from most RO txt dialog boxes.
  • aligning main tab contents a lil better

download link: http://www.rarhost.com/download-ze1at9.html


Did some cosmetic tidy ups on the code, prolly do some serious updates later on today.

Ive had a few people email me saying why bother with id3, there are better apps etc etc.Quite annoying, as their assuming that every1 only uses namefix.pl for renaming mp3s. I would like to state for the record namefix.pl is probably the most feature full batch file renamer out there. It runs on all systems that perl/tk are supported on (Unix, Linux, Embedded Linux, *BSD, Mac OS, OSX, Win95/98/2000/xp/vista, etc). It only includes id3 support due to large amount of requests for it, so far Ive managed id3v1 support without making namefix.pl mp3 centric.

Incase some people still arent clear:

  • namefix.pl isnt just for renaming mp3s.
  • It will always support generic batch file renaming.
  • mp3 options will only be added if they dont interfere with generic renaming (is why id3 support was put off repeatedly until gui overhaul)
  • Accoustic fingerprinting will be added post 4.0 at a quick look its still not ready for mainstream usage).

And some other points I need to make:

  • dont write and complain about the use of free webhosts, unless your offering me stable webspace with my own login.
  • namefix.pl is pronounced "namefix dot P L"
  • I only want to hear about "competing" apps if they have a feature namefix.pl doesnt, In which case I will add the feature if usefull (dont tell me about acoustic fingerprinting FFS I know about that 1).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

free rarhosting

this site looks good, btw I only ever use sites that dont require a login.


Will prolly annouce release on freshmeat tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

3.5.2 release

as promised 3.5.2 is here with several nice updates, including:

* manual renaming
* dir icons (mentioned previously)
* listing directory gives a more normal output (dir.pm overhaul).

rapidsharing still seems 2 be down so Im trying a new 1 again, sorry any adds u may see but its my only way to dump releases atm other than irc. Speaking of irc feel free to pop into my channel #glug on irc.ausnet.org/6667 and say hi.

more work is planned for throughout the week, working in small but steady increments towards 4.0.

Download latest namefix.pl @ File Factory Link:

status update

plan to finish reworking directory display code tomorrow, its a bit of a mess atm few display double ups on dirs. once fixed will enable double clicking on dir to shift to that dir (ala explorer).

Im also considering making the list button actually list the whole directorys contents rather than just displaying what media types in the current directory will/ might be renamed. Any feedback on this matter would be appreciated.

Ive also found a cool module for linux that replaces all tk widgets with qt widgets, as yet to try it but if it all works nicely it will be in 4.0.

prolly make an official release @ version 2.6, possible release tomorrow if Im happy with dir code.

new features:

manual rename
file icons

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Display problem in win32 fixed

The annoying flashing console is no more when typing in a dir location, unfortunatley so is tab completion but its not really needed thanks to a better dir dialog.

will release updated source code soon enough, the display problem in 3.5 should only effect win32 users.

will put up when: rapidsharing stops messing me around/ my isp gets me my webspace.

No point using the backup website, slowest updater of the lot, sorry :(

Monday, August 07, 2006

Screenshot of 3.5

Looks nice hey :)

quick note: Ive noticed when using tab completion in 3.5 (directory location box), a console flashes up with each letter typed. Not sure why, Ive checked my code over and tried redirecting stdout and stderr to a log file with no luck. I think its caused by how it finds the contents of each directory (runs dir/ls/etc in a shell each time content changes and checks for files if any). Next release I will just remove the tab completion, its nice but to many quirks for what I need.

3.5 finished and released

Woot, 3.5 in all its glory is here.

my 3 lil todos have been done :).

url: http://www.rapidsharing.com/download.php?id=5FA12EA0

still could use some ftp space if any1 could help me, my isp www.amnet.com.au was supposed to set some up 3 months ago but alas 3 email queries later and no reply.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Freshmeat release

well Ive listed 3.2.14 on freshmeat, hoping they dont mind the fact Im using rapidshare.

for all those looking for the download its on the right hand side.

web counter

Some of you will have noticed the addition of my web counter from the homepage, hope you dont mind but it gives me an indication of the intrest level of each release.

Im sure some1 will tell me off if its not supposed to be there :P

status report

did a big cleanup of all the code today, its now nicely formatted and easy to read.

3.5 todo list:
1 - have all fonts set via string variable, editable fonts.ini.txt
2 - sort fonts in linux
3 - update about box (resize pic and change layout).
4 - release.

1 being 1st on my list will be done tomorrow, editing fonts in txt file is only a stub till 4.0 and its only there for ppl on with dpi issues.

2 tk font size on windows and linux scale differently (pain in the arse), so naturally I have to work around it.

3 the current tabbed layout of the about box is the fruits of my 1st attempt at displaying a jpg in tk :P, will be much neater in 3.5.

well thats all for now, will release another version tomorrow night if all goes to plan.


some screenys of current version with id3 mode off/ on.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

namefix 3.0 cracked - lmao

hahah, some lamer has released namefix.pl 3.0 with a crack 78.exe which is just some downloader trojan. For any1 that doesnt know allready namefix.pl is absolutely free and unrestricted.

check the links below for a laugh:

Living Hit

Google cache of the warez site Seans Downloads

latest version available online

edit: save file was horribly slow for me so here is another (any1 want to donate me webspace + ftp access ?).




3.2.14 can be downloaded with the above url.

  • This is a 3.5 pre-release, while nothing should go wrong something may as always be safe and run with preview mode first.
  • Ive never used savefile before but hey it let me dump a file online without any signup, file will be deleted after 30 days of inactivity. By then I should have it hosted on the main site.

Status report.

3.1 was ready for release but skipped it to overhaul gui and add id3v1 support for up comming 3.5 release. 3.5 will no doubt be release shortly, all features I want in this version are done Im simply checking and double checking the code.

quick summary of changes since 3.0 to current:

  • bookmarks
  • tab completion in dir input box
  • tabs in main window for quick access to option tabs formerly located in preferences dialog these are: misc, enumurate, truncate and the ned id3v1 tab.
  • id3v1 support including: guess tag from file name, basic cleanup on tags, option to set all tags for artist/ album/ comment
  • enumerate you can set amount of digits to pad to with zero
  • truncate, when using style truncate from middle you can now set what characters (if any) to insert in the middle to symbolize that the file has been truncated.
  • Is safe to use weird characters in rm word and special casing lists.
  • Is safe to use weird characters in rm words option, regexp character have been turned off by default with the exception of |, or. It can be turned back on under preferences.
  • I have a mug shot of myself in the about dailog, needs to be trimmed up etc yet for 3.5.

copy n paste of changelog from 3.0 through to current 3.2.14 :
7:19 PM 4/08/2006
* now use the OS's native getdir dialog, instead of tk 1

3:52 PM 4/08/2006
* add bookmarks feature, can add/ del/ edit (after add/ delete prog needs to be
restarted for new bookmarks to show up).
* removed option advance, replaced with option cleanup
* aligned tabs in main window.

3:52 PM 3/08/2006
* set dir ent to use / on windows
* comments are cleaned up
* added 2 more mp3 name formats for tag guessing.

11:56 PM 1/08/2006
* added options for setting comments, comments wont be tidied at this stage,
I cant see any need for it.
* added ([[a-f0-9]*]) to pattern list, gets common md4 tags seen in bt files

8:48 PM 1/08/2006
* updated gui, so that *most* conflicting options cant be set
* each main tab has a lil label uptop.

8:14 PM 1/08/2006
* tidied up the fixname chain, which fixed uc/lc all.

5:16 PM 1/08/2006
* user can manually set artist & album tags on any mp3s that will be processed

1:13 PM 1/08/2006
* added mkv to file ext's
* added vtv, dsr

12:43 AM 1/08/2006
* what a pain in the arse, ran into rendering probs with dynamic tabs - would
work fine until compiled to exe, had 2 use place to manually set size.
* added tab completion to dir input box.

10:13 PM 31/07/2006
* used dynamic tabs to shift all renaming options to main window, huge
improvement I feel.

5:33 PM 31/07/2006
* Added option to save window size and position, very handy.

10:08 PM 30/07/2006
* added option to overwrite pre-existing tags when using "guess id3 tags"
* added guess id3 tag from filename support.

5:16 PM 30/07/2006
* Uc 1st char of id3 fields (art, tit, alb) when casing is turned on
* sorted id3 vars out (werent being cleared on start of new file).
* destroy dir dialog before listing (stops gui lag on dialog).
* updated includes for benifit of pp compiler
* fsfix wasnt been turned on automatically for win32, fixed.

3:17 PM 30/07/2006
* id3 working fine, next step is id3v2
* id3 tag writing enabled, added counter to keep track of id3 writes.
* id3 tags are cleaned up when running - no writing as of yet.
* removed txt both width n height settings from prefs (no longer needed).
* prefs cleanup.

5:26 PM 29/07/2006
* set dif dialog fonts for win32 and linux
* fixed typo that caused filename,filename output.

2:50 PM 29/07/2006
* can toggle id3 mode, option is saved etc.
* improved rm words, looks inside brackets
* improved cleanup routine.
* when casing is enabled, 1st letter of each filename will be uc, over riding
specific casing option.

* using single hlist instead of txt box now
* reading/ displaying of id3v1 tags supported (no writting yet).
* resizing works pretty much like a normal windows app now.

3.1 beta 1

* truncate works properly again
* can specify what character/s (if any) u would like to use for instertion of
middle of file when using truncate from middle style.
* fixed typo in about dialog finally :P
* directory is listed automatically on open and when selecting from dir dialog.
* fixed about dialog size problem :)
* discovered uri wasnt always working, inspected and couldnt work it out. So I
wrote my own string escaping routine and it seems 2 work a charm.

3.1 beta
3:52 AM 23/07/2006
* got image working correctly with pp (major arsing around).

2:49 AM 23/07/2006
* added my mugshot to about dialog :)

12:54 AM 23/07/2006
* organized and cleaned all up all variables *phew*
* justified text in main in options window.
* changed routine for clear button, only clears input boxes & related check boxes.
* uses config file with version number in filename, easy way to introduce new
options. No need to check what version config file is anymore or worry about
conflict old/new option names.

10:32 PM 22/07/2006
* can set amount of zeros for enumerate to pad to.
* updated win32 build script, wasnt including tk::spinbox for some reason
* did some work on options sorting out vars (major headace).
6:34 PM 22/07/2006
* update all modules to reference main vars correctly.
* removed items from config file that arent ment to be saved.

5:30 PM 22/07/2006
* adjusted fonts on all txt windows.

2:12 PM 22/07/2006
* turned all external scripts to basic .pm's

8:34 PM 20/07/2006
* split of some routines from the main script, using do atm, will make
proper libs when I find out how again :P.
* escape strings from spec casing, kill word list.

12:50 PM 20/07/2006
* older version of config files are detected and updated.
* resizing text boxes updates in realtime.
* merged some options in config dialog & config gui cleanup.

12:51 AM 20/07/2006
* added option to set height, and Ive learn how to use spin boxes :)
* regexp is disabled in rm words options, can be enabled under advanced.
* it is now safe to use special characters in specific casing list.

9:43 PM 10/07/2006
* Cleaned up gui, shifted some less use options to preferances dialog
should look better in linux mode now.
* can set width of txt feild in preferences under advance.

1:58 PM 10/07/2006
* improved killword matching
* U can manually change width of txt boxes by editing config file.
(seems grid geometry manager doesnt allow for widget resizing atm.)