Sunday, November 26, 2006

now open for donations :)

If you look down the righthand menu you will see my donation button. Feel free to send me a few dollars to show appreciation. Donations will be announced in my blog unless a person wishes to remain anonymous.

So remember if you would like to make my day,
just drop a few dollars my way.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4.0 RC4 released today

Well after copying nearly 40gig of vids off my mate I needed to give them a good cleanout, fortunately for me I found a few more things in need of tweaking.

4.0 RC4
  • dots2spaces wasnt working correctly with underscore set as space delimiter fixed.
  • Fixed previous version typo.
  • improved general cleanup yet again (wasnt properly cleaning if space delimiter was anything but space).
  • added some more tags to rm words list
  • manual rename updates the original filename when apply is pressed.
  • rm words wasnt correctly working on directories (fixed).
  • was still using $_ instead of $file in some places in (fixed)
  • When renaming directories general cleanup and rm words now work as expected.
Nearly there I reckon, but no point rushing it Id rather have 4.0 out next year than release it with annoying bugs / quirks.

Monday, November 06, 2006

typo in RC3

Im sure alot of u noticed that after installing RC3 4.o RC2 still pops up in the title bar, just an oversight on my behalf if you check the changelog you will see it is RC3.