Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy NY All

Hope you all get off your tits and have a crazy NY god knows I will be :)

In the new year I will release 4.0 finally with bugs or not, there have been no bug submissions for quite some time so meh - f*ck any1 that has a bug and hasnt reported it yet.

I for some reason get stuck on big version numbers, I insist in perfection for a .0 and well it rarely happens in my case. So 4.0 will be a Its good enough release, following 4.0 will be a slew of new features I plan to implement.

Enjoy your holidays everyone - from mem, a grumpy foul mouthed perl programmer.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Loser Crack Site Cracked - LOL

Yes it seems the brainless idiots from alt.crackers.wannabes have cracked - no longer will you have to pay for full features ...... wait a minute, its GPL.

So yes if you want a virus / trojan head on over to lame fake crack site.

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year all.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4.0 RC8

Short n sweet post (Im so tired).

1 feature added (big one to) and 1 error fixed. The usual code cleanup on whatever pm files I had open at the time.

block renaming added
.. fixed

what is block renaming ?, checkout this thread.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Seems my regexp for the radio station I rip @ work isnt quite perfect, so here it is the new and improved. Thinking of adding a delete option to the right click menu to. Shits me jumping back to explorer / konqueror just to delete a file.

requested by (\w+|\s+|-)+

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4.0 RC7 Released

Well I guess Im a lazy sob, havent fixed .. :P
Thought Id push up the new version regardless, Im finding that overwrite option very handy myself. For any1 else who happens to stream rip off a similar shoutcast station, this: requested by \w+ In remove words works perfectlty.

Available on sourceforge as always


I do appreciate the odd review I get, but reviewers if you feel that there is a certian issue that needs resolution how about you email me and provided your input rather than write off my latest version. Thanks :)

Cracked Again
Yer 3.9b seems very popular with sad losers trying to propagate their trojans through crack sites. Few more came through my google alerts recently.

Friday, November 16, 2007

4.0 RC7 ~

Well, despite my best intentions a new feature has made its way in.
new option = overwrite.

Overwrite as the name implies will not check to see if the destination filename exists before preforming the move. The option overwrite will never be save enabled, it is strictly a THIS SESSION ONLY option.

Its one of these things I never thought I would use but it came in very handy today. At work I use winamp + streamripper to make a nice quick mp3 collection. Now this particular stream I rip loves to put "requested by " on the title id3 tag, this in turn gets pushed to the filename through no fault of streamripper. Anyways, the overwrite option elegantly solves that issue for me, turn off general cleanup, set remove to "requested by .*" and replace with to ".mp3" and tada, no more double ups.

I will release RC7 shortly, Id like to knock off that .. bug before I do though.

mem out o/

Monday, November 12, 2007

4.0 RC6 Released

Sorry for the delay (Im sure my users are used to them by now).

Anyway 4.0 RC6 has been released, its a pretty quick and dirty release honestly.
The bad: its a rar, no win32 installer, the compiled namefix.exe hasnt been tested on a win32 machine without a perl install.
The Good: Hey I finally released it :P 4.0 RC6

Monday, October 29, 2007

4.0 RC6

Having found a little bit of spare time here and there I have been hunting down and fixing some little bugs. I have fixed "disable regexp" option from screwing with directory listings.

In between fixing little bugs I am also changing my code format slightly. Some sections of I havent touched in a few years so Im comming back upon some messy code I knowingly left for myself.

Im still pushing for a beautiful 4.0 release (ie 99.999999999% bugfree). Being a 1 man team, I dont have the spare time to develop 4.0 and 5.0 at the same time. So as much as I want to rock the boat Im going to grin and bear it (deal with convoluted directory listing methods).

The next planned bug to fix is to have ".." listed even when running a fixname, as its always going to be used regardless for directory browsing. I did think of just throwing in a "up 1 dir" button, but felt it would have been cheating.

Saturday, September 15, 2007


Id like to know if any1 else has this same problem.
Goto File, Options, Advanced and untick disable regexp.
Then list current dir, for me it wasnt listing but running a preview would generate the list.

On another note Im giving serious thought to 5.0, plans include:
  • new ui toolkit, as nice as tk is to program with its just not supported well enough in perl anymore. So Im torn between gtk / qt. I have looked at wxwidgets but its not what I need / am after.
  • musicbrainz support, thanks amarok for giving me that idea ;)
  • mp3 tag guessing schema, another idea Ive gotten from amarok. This will allow guessing of album & year from directorys finally.
  • Unicode/UTF8 - Im hoping with an overhaul of all code I can sort out international character issues. Failing that a nice clean layout will make it easier for some1 familiar with Unicode/UTF8 to fix up my code.
  • Plugins, a plugin will simply be another tab added to the gui. The hope is people will be able to extend the functionality without impacting usability for newbs. Dont expect to see this feature for awhile gui and code overhaul must come first.
  • New picture for my about page - lets face it, that mugshot cant be helping my resume :P

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

4.0 RC5

Noticed a few errors when tidying my mp3 collection the other day and fixed up some bugs.

ATM its just a source release, I will package it up for win32 later on. There are a few more little tweaks todo then who knows I might release 4.0 finally :P. As always feel free to send in bugfixes.

  • added path detection to solve lib errors in linux
  • listing is now sorted case insensitively
  • filter now applies to dirs as well
  • .. wasnt shown in dir listing if filter was enabled, fixed.

Download 4.0 RC5