Friday, November 16, 2007

4.0 RC7 ~

Well, despite my best intentions a new feature has made its way in.
new option = overwrite.

Overwrite as the name implies will not check to see if the destination filename exists before preforming the move. The option overwrite will never be save enabled, it is strictly a THIS SESSION ONLY option.

Its one of these things I never thought I would use but it came in very handy today. At work I use winamp + streamripper to make a nice quick mp3 collection. Now this particular stream I rip loves to put "requested by " on the title id3 tag, this in turn gets pushed to the filename through no fault of streamripper. Anyways, the overwrite option elegantly solves that issue for me, turn off general cleanup, set remove to "requested by .*" and replace with to ".mp3" and tada, no more double ups.

I will release RC7 shortly, Id like to knock off that .. bug before I do though.

mem out o/

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