Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Sorry for delay

Well i got stuck with the utf8 issues, but did add debug info so others can see where it is failing.
Im working on a newproject atm called WiiCR , its a media player solution for the nintendo Wii.

Plans for namefix.pl atm are to release 4.0 with debug info and no utf8 support. I will begin creating namefix-cli.pl that will use the 4.0 libs. The old cli version never had these issues with international characters so Im hoping that the cli ui (which is needed anyway) will narrow down the problem even more.

Merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

UTF8 issues

Well after months of no problems with international characters the shit finally hit the fan. I have finally managed to upset perl and tk and the result is international characters being garbled.

ATM Im currently adding a basic debug system to narrow down where UTF8 goes from being fine to fucked. It seems it only happens when perl makes a filesystem call on a string containing file name with international characters. -d. -f and rename all exhibit this problem which never before used to be an issue.

What I currently need is a definite routine to detect international strings, then once I can tell if I am dealing with a UTF8 string I can try to solve the renaming issue as well. Id really appreciate some input on the problem if any one out there has some good solid exp with perl + tk + utf8.