Saturday, July 25, 2009

4.0.1b Release (including win32 installer)

Well its been overdue for quite some time so here is 4.0.1b for linux and also packaged up for win32.

  • fixed special casing (fn_sp_word) which was ignoring words next to . _ ( ) [ ]
  • add comments to and corrected debug output for function fn_sp_word
  • enabled fn_replace for id3 tags - if you dont want it run on tags, process filename first. 4.0.1b for linux / any os with a perl interpreter 4.0.1b win32 installer

Appreciate the thanks from those anonymous people :)

Sourceforge has a new layout and well, it was a massive pain in the arse. Im sure with a bit of tweaking it will be ok, but atm I prefer the old style one.

The win32 port has been done with strawberry perl, which i have to say is excellent. I am truly impressed, installing tk under strawberry perl was the first time I saw tk pass all its tests. Kudos to the strawberry perl team.

New Project
I have started work on a new project as well, it is called AU Big Fix. In short it currently fixes all known automatic update issues very easily. While I do despise windows for being a clunky piece of shit, I still have to support it unfortunately. No proper hosting / forums etc for it atm but below are some free host links for the rar.

msfn announcement

AU Big Fix - filefactory
AU Big Fix - filedropper
AU Big Fix - savefile

New House
I have bought a house :D, I know its not programing related but still. No longer do I have to put up with: rent inspections, not being able to do house improvements and not having to shift every 12months or so when the landlord decides they want to hike the rent.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy easter all

4.0.1a - bit more polish on the CLI interface, thanks to John Tibbs for picking out the coding errors and typos I never manage to.

Ive been a bit quite on the updates for lately due to a new job which keeps me very busy (Systems Administrator for a Large International Mining Laboratory). I have also been house hunting and currently waiting for finance approval for the house I have made an offer on. Hopefully once Im in my new house I will be able to get more coding done and also resume my electronic projects.

Enjoy The holidays :)

  • cli short options can be put anywhere, not just at start
  • updated to stop making broken links
  • fixed - Special Case misses casing that begin with a hyphen, eg "- a "
  • fixed chdir error when just running
  • fixed "pad NN w -" when using underscores
  • fixed cli short options being double processed as long options and being rejected
  • fixed a few typos

Forgot to comment out line 635 and cbf re-uploading and bumping version number either. Line 635 just prints out some info when processing short options.