Sunday, September 24, 2006 4.0 RC1

Well I lost intrest in Neverwinter Nights about a week or 2 ago, for the time being (games rarely hold my atttention) and I have been going over the code with a fine tooth comb.

So many bug fixes etc, was going to release 3.95 as a in between but I was lazy and here we are now with 4.0 RC1 ready for use.


4.0 RC1
  • fixed glitch with manual rename, where after renaming wrong file was passed to manual rename sub.
  • added alot more international char converts, thanks to Mauro J. Jaskelioff
  • Improved guess tag routines
  • tags were not being displayed in correct columns, fixed
  • removed .? from begining and end of url pattern, was removing . before ext
  • save window size checkbox will remain ticked if user saves window size.
  • improved general cleanup regexp's
  • sp casing regexp now catches words @ with _ or . surrounding it
  • Added International character à to casing regexp was allready in International support.
  • Updated Spaces regexp
  • optimized pad w zeros regexps (reduced regexp lines by 50%)
  • Overhauled truncate to code, much smaller and efficient
  • fixed file icons not displaying after rename
  • updated tool tips (more straight forward etc).
  • Optimized general cleanup regexps as well as add support for different space delimiters.
  • All options should fully support and recognize space _ and . as space chars.
  • right click on hlist now selects item under it (been trying to figure that out for ages.
  • Added new padding option (yes I know feature freeze n all), it puts an x between what it belives to be season and episode numbers. ie: 101 -> 1x01, 0911 -> 09x11 etc. for extra safety it will not do this on 4 digit numbers that start with 19 or 20 to avoid mistaking dates.
  • added notv to kill word list
  • added nl to url matching regexp
  • added SG-1 to spec word casing list
  • pad NxNN with 0 wasnt matching files with . or _ for space delimiter, fixed

Wednesday, September 20, 2006 available through FreeBSD Ports

This is great, FreeBSD users can now install by typing:

cd /usr/ports/sysutils/namefix/ && make install clean

Cool huh, now if I can get into the gentoo & debian package systems I will be a happy person (Ive always wanted a program I wrote available like that).

Checkout FreshPorts for more info.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

google rankings

Its my pet peeve that other batch file renamer programs which have: less features than mine, 30 day timeouts or a price tag are all listed before in google when I search for "batch file renamer". Even adding free to the search string doesnt pull up on the 1st couple of pages.

So I ask you, my userbase to help climb the ranks in google. Id hate for some1 to purchase a competing program when mine is free.

How you can help, well linking to this blog and refer people to this program (if you like it).

In short, help get the word out :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006 3.9b release

Download from sourceforge as per usual.


  • 3.9b
  • added fqm and tcm to rm words
  • spacer put between dir contents when listing recursively
  • fixed .. and ../.. showing up in dir string :)
  • cd for recursive listing seems to be working (not sure what I did).
  • removed some orphaned variables
  • bookmarking network paths now work properly
  • truncate was still reading max file length not truncate to, fixed
  • adjusted width of input boxes on truncate tab
  • removed debug print statements

  • 3.9a
  • guess mp3 tags is done through a sub, easier to update
  • shifted all global variables to their own file
  • turned off warnings on main script
  • clear button clears the neccesary string entry boxes and check boxes
  • truncate to has its own variable - save enabled.
  • settings file no longer changes with version number (settings frozen)

3.9b feels pretty close to 4.0, but I will have to use it for awhile to be sure, I hate doing a big number release then 1-2 days after u have to put out a lil bugfix.

Friday, September 15, 2006


heheh, I know I said it would get 4.0 done but I started playing Neverwinter Nights. So Im having a bit of a break.

I still check my emails etc, so if u find a bug lemme know (its really boring work bug hunting).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

status update

Well I have fixed most of the lil bugs in The last one todo is making directory browsing work with recursive listing mode.

Ive decided the 1st thing 5.0 will need is an option to cancel current listing, nf do weird things atm if u click list again while listings (nothing criticial, just mildly annoying). Being this close to a 4.0 release Im not adding any new features.

4.0 should be released in a week (unless Im more lazy than I expect).