Sunday, September 24, 2006 4.0 RC1

Well I lost intrest in Neverwinter Nights about a week or 2 ago, for the time being (games rarely hold my atttention) and I have been going over the code with a fine tooth comb.

So many bug fixes etc, was going to release 3.95 as a in between but I was lazy and here we are now with 4.0 RC1 ready for use.


4.0 RC1
  • fixed glitch with manual rename, where after renaming wrong file was passed to manual rename sub.
  • added alot more international char converts, thanks to Mauro J. Jaskelioff
  • Improved guess tag routines
  • tags were not being displayed in correct columns, fixed
  • removed .? from begining and end of url pattern, was removing . before ext
  • save window size checkbox will remain ticked if user saves window size.
  • improved general cleanup regexp's
  • sp casing regexp now catches words @ with _ or . surrounding it
  • Added International character à to casing regexp was allready in International support.
  • Updated Spaces regexp
  • optimized pad w zeros regexps (reduced regexp lines by 50%)
  • Overhauled truncate to code, much smaller and efficient
  • fixed file icons not displaying after rename
  • updated tool tips (more straight forward etc).
  • Optimized general cleanup regexps as well as add support for different space delimiters.
  • All options should fully support and recognize space _ and . as space chars.
  • right click on hlist now selects item under it (been trying to figure that out for ages.
  • Added new padding option (yes I know feature freeze n all), it puts an x between what it belives to be season and episode numbers. ie: 101 -> 1x01, 0911 -> 09x11 etc. for extra safety it will not do this on 4 digit numbers that start with 19 or 20 to avoid mistaking dates.
  • added notv to kill word list
  • added nl to url matching regexp
  • added SG-1 to spec word casing list
  • pad NxNN with 0 wasnt matching files with . or _ for space delimiter, fixed

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