Saturday, September 16, 2006 3.9b release

Download from sourceforge as per usual.


  • 3.9b
  • added fqm and tcm to rm words
  • spacer put between dir contents when listing recursively
  • fixed .. and ../.. showing up in dir string :)
  • cd for recursive listing seems to be working (not sure what I did).
  • removed some orphaned variables
  • bookmarking network paths now work properly
  • truncate was still reading max file length not truncate to, fixed
  • adjusted width of input boxes on truncate tab
  • removed debug print statements

  • 3.9a
  • guess mp3 tags is done through a sub, easier to update
  • shifted all global variables to their own file
  • turned off warnings on main script
  • clear button clears the neccesary string entry boxes and check boxes
  • truncate to has its own variable - save enabled.
  • settings file no longer changes with version number (settings frozen)

3.9b feels pretty close to 4.0, but I will have to use it for awhile to be sure, I hate doing a big number release then 1-2 days after u have to put out a lil bugfix.

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