Tuesday, November 14, 2006

4.0 RC4 released today

Well after copying nearly 40gig of vids off my mate I needed to give them a good cleanout, fortunately for me I found a few more things in need of tweaking.

4.0 RC4
  • dots2spaces wasnt working correctly with underscore set as space delimiter fixed.
  • Fixed previous version typo.
  • improved general cleanup yet again (wasnt properly cleaning if space delimiter was anything but space).
  • added some more tags to rm words list
  • manual rename updates the original filename when apply is pressed.
  • rm words wasnt correctly working on directories (fixed).
  • was still using $_ instead of $file in some places in fixname.pm (fixed)
  • When renaming directories general cleanup and rm words now work as expected.
Nearly there I reckon, but no point rushing it Id rather have 4.0 out next year than release it with annoying bugs / quirks.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Is there a document anywhere that explains how to to use namefix.pl? Some of us are competent with the command line, but we still need some rudimentary instruction with PERL.

Thanks. :)