Wednesday, August 30, 2006 3.9 to be released soon

Id release it now if I wasnt so tired :P

Anyway updates include:
  • Simplified function names
  • Ability to set genre for all processed files
  • Ability to set year for all processed files
  • Manual rename has been fixed.
  • Year and Genre are editable on manual edit dialog.
  • The desired genre is selected from a combobox
The current list of genres is just a quick 1 I found with google intended for id3v1 if some1 has a complete list of genres for id3v2 please email it to me thanks.

Once 3.9 is released I will be doing a thorough inspection of the code, cleanout old redundant code, Break big sections off into their own pm file. Please once 3.9 is out send me any errors you do encounter and any suggestions for simplfing the function names anymore is weclome.

I have to say, with these newly added id3 options organizing my mp3 tags (something Im very fussy about) is now a breeze. Previously I used Amarok on linux, excellent media player which has similar functionality and before that xmms/ winamp which caused frequent RSI. The other problem I used to encouter was winamps id3v2 vs xmms's rather weak support, but no more thanks to treating id3v1 as the backup tag.

Stuff that will not make 4.0 are still planned features:
  • block mode renaming
  • ed2k link pass through support
I had a recent request for the following feature "Music organizing, ie automatically creating directory structure and shifting music files to appropiate directory". While I would love to put this in for 4.0 its not really covered by's intended scope, meaning I feel it would be out of place in a batch file renamer. I do however plan to create an application that does just that as a complimenting program for after 4.0.

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