Sunday, August 27, 2006

Bloody useless isp and transparent proxy server

Sorry for the lag in updates people, but unfortunately my isp have been fucking around with the transparent proxy all week. Whats more annoying is my previous isp (amnet bought them up) didnt have a TP enabled which made them an isp worth signing up with. So anyway after a whole week of piss poor internet service it seems to be working again, except Im unable to access (Im using the neat app Tor atm to get here). I can access and but no no not the 1 I need.

Transparent proxy: rather than have the option of recieving day old news and incorrect 404 errors via the isps webproxys cache relay its forced. Which means if your TP fucks up all web traffic is unacessible, rather than just changing proxy settings.

So in summary, amcom admins cant setup a transparent proxy to save their lifes and while unlikely they may have intentionally blocked my direct access to my blog (Ive dealt with petty isp's before *cough cough cough*).

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