Sunday, August 06, 2006

status report

did a big cleanup of all the code today, its now nicely formatted and easy to read.

3.5 todo list:
1 - have all fonts set via string variable, editable fonts.ini.txt
2 - sort fonts in linux
3 - update about box (resize pic and change layout).
4 - release.

1 being 1st on my list will be done tomorrow, editing fonts in txt file is only a stub till 4.0 and its only there for ppl on with dpi issues.

2 tk font size on windows and linux scale differently (pain in the arse), so naturally I have to work around it.

3 the current tabbed layout of the about box is the fruits of my 1st attempt at displaying a jpg in tk :P, will be much neater in 3.5.

well thats all for now, will release another version tomorrow night if all goes to plan.

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