Saturday, August 05, 2006

Status report.

3.1 was ready for release but skipped it to overhaul gui and add id3v1 support for up comming 3.5 release. 3.5 will no doubt be release shortly, all features I want in this version are done Im simply checking and double checking the code.

quick summary of changes since 3.0 to current:

  • bookmarks
  • tab completion in dir input box
  • tabs in main window for quick access to option tabs formerly located in preferences dialog these are: misc, enumurate, truncate and the ned id3v1 tab.
  • id3v1 support including: guess tag from file name, basic cleanup on tags, option to set all tags for artist/ album/ comment
  • enumerate you can set amount of digits to pad to with zero
  • truncate, when using style truncate from middle you can now set what characters (if any) to insert in the middle to symbolize that the file has been truncated.
  • Is safe to use weird characters in rm word and special casing lists.
  • Is safe to use weird characters in rm words option, regexp character have been turned off by default with the exception of |, or. It can be turned back on under preferences.
  • I have a mug shot of myself in the about dailog, needs to be trimmed up etc yet for 3.5.

copy n paste of changelog from 3.0 through to current 3.2.14 :
7:19 PM 4/08/2006
* now use the OS's native getdir dialog, instead of tk 1

3:52 PM 4/08/2006
* add bookmarks feature, can add/ del/ edit (after add/ delete prog needs to be
restarted for new bookmarks to show up).
* removed option advance, replaced with option cleanup
* aligned tabs in main window.

3:52 PM 3/08/2006
* set dir ent to use / on windows
* comments are cleaned up
* added 2 more mp3 name formats for tag guessing.

11:56 PM 1/08/2006
* added options for setting comments, comments wont be tidied at this stage,
I cant see any need for it.
* added ([[a-f0-9]*]) to pattern list, gets common md4 tags seen in bt files

8:48 PM 1/08/2006
* updated gui, so that *most* conflicting options cant be set
* each main tab has a lil label uptop.

8:14 PM 1/08/2006
* tidied up the fixname chain, which fixed uc/lc all.

5:16 PM 1/08/2006
* user can manually set artist & album tags on any mp3s that will be processed

1:13 PM 1/08/2006
* added mkv to file ext's
* added vtv, dsr

12:43 AM 1/08/2006
* what a pain in the arse, ran into rendering probs with dynamic tabs - would
work fine until compiled to exe, had 2 use place to manually set size.
* added tab completion to dir input box.

10:13 PM 31/07/2006
* used dynamic tabs to shift all renaming options to main window, huge
improvement I feel.

5:33 PM 31/07/2006
* Added option to save window size and position, very handy.

10:08 PM 30/07/2006
* added option to overwrite pre-existing tags when using "guess id3 tags"
* added guess id3 tag from filename support.

5:16 PM 30/07/2006
* Uc 1st char of id3 fields (art, tit, alb) when casing is turned on
* sorted id3 vars out (werent being cleared on start of new file).
* destroy dir dialog before listing (stops gui lag on dialog).
* updated includes for benifit of pp compiler
* fsfix wasnt been turned on automatically for win32, fixed.

3:17 PM 30/07/2006
* id3 working fine, next step is id3v2
* id3 tag writing enabled, added counter to keep track of id3 writes.
* id3 tags are cleaned up when running - no writing as of yet.
* removed txt both width n height settings from prefs (no longer needed).
* prefs cleanup.

5:26 PM 29/07/2006
* set dif dialog fonts for win32 and linux
* fixed typo that caused filename,filename output.

2:50 PM 29/07/2006
* can toggle id3 mode, option is saved etc.
* improved rm words, looks inside brackets
* improved cleanup routine.
* when casing is enabled, 1st letter of each filename will be uc, over riding
specific casing option.

* using single hlist instead of txt box now
* reading/ displaying of id3v1 tags supported (no writting yet).
* resizing works pretty much like a normal windows app now.

3.1 beta 1

* truncate works properly again
* can specify what character/s (if any) u would like to use for instertion of
middle of file when using truncate from middle style.
* fixed typo in about dialog finally :P
* directory is listed automatically on open and when selecting from dir dialog.
* fixed about dialog size problem :)
* discovered uri wasnt always working, inspected and couldnt work it out. So I
wrote my own string escaping routine and it seems 2 work a charm.

3.1 beta
3:52 AM 23/07/2006
* got image working correctly with pp (major arsing around).

2:49 AM 23/07/2006
* added my mugshot to about dialog :)

12:54 AM 23/07/2006
* organized and cleaned all up all variables *phew*
* justified text in main in options window.
* changed routine for clear button, only clears input boxes & related check boxes.
* uses config file with version number in filename, easy way to introduce new
options. No need to check what version config file is anymore or worry about
conflict old/new option names.

10:32 PM 22/07/2006
* can set amount of zeros for enumerate to pad to.
* updated win32 build script, wasnt including tk::spinbox for some reason
* did some work on options sorting out vars (major headace).
6:34 PM 22/07/2006
* update all modules to reference main vars correctly.
* removed items from config file that arent ment to be saved.

5:30 PM 22/07/2006
* adjusted fonts on all txt windows.

2:12 PM 22/07/2006
* turned all external scripts to basic .pm's

8:34 PM 20/07/2006
* split of some routines from the main script, using do atm, will make
proper libs when I find out how again :P.
* escape strings from spec casing, kill word list.

12:50 PM 20/07/2006
* older version of config files are detected and updated.
* resizing text boxes updates in realtime.
* merged some options in config dialog & config gui cleanup.

12:51 AM 20/07/2006
* added option to set height, and Ive learn how to use spin boxes :)
* regexp is disabled in rm words options, can be enabled under advanced.
* it is now safe to use special characters in specific casing list.

9:43 PM 10/07/2006
* Cleaned up gui, shifted some less use options to preferances dialog
should look better in linux mode now.
* can set width of txt feild in preferences under advance.

1:58 PM 10/07/2006
* improved killword matching
* U can manually change width of txt boxes by editing config file.
(seems grid geometry manager doesnt allow for widget resizing atm.)

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