Tuesday, August 15, 2006

3.5.2 release

as promised 3.5.2 is here with several nice updates, including:

* manual renaming
* dir icons (mentioned previously)
* listing directory gives a more normal output (dir.pm overhaul).

rapidsharing still seems 2 be down so Im trying a new 1 again, sorry any adds u may see but its my only way to dump releases atm other than irc. Speaking of irc feel free to pop into my channel #glug on irc.ausnet.org/6667 and say hi.

more work is planned for throughout the week, working in small but steady increments towards 4.0.

Download latest namefix.pl @ File Factory Link:


PotatoSalad said...

Give MusicBrainz Picard a try http://musicbrainz.org/doc/PicardDownload

Before I began using Picard, I had a Ruby script that did something similar to what your program does; minus the pretty GUI.

Jacob Jarick said...

looks very limited and only mp3 orientated. I could easily add cddb support for similar lookup features buts its a low priority atm.

Remember this is a crossplatform app (not just linux and win32), suitable for media collections/ id3v1 tagging and generic sysadmin type renaming jobs (also handy for porn collections Ive been told).

Ive seen musicbrainz pop up a few times in winamp plugins and more recently amarok but I didnt have much success with either. I will at some point look into using music brains with namefix.pl but atm their are better features to worry about.