Thursday, August 17, 2006


Did some cosmetic tidy ups on the code, prolly do some serious updates later on today.

Ive had a few people email me saying why bother with id3, there are better apps etc etc.Quite annoying, as their assuming that every1 only uses for renaming mp3s. I would like to state for the record is probably the most feature full batch file renamer out there. It runs on all systems that perl/tk are supported on (Unix, Linux, Embedded Linux, *BSD, Mac OS, OSX, Win95/98/2000/xp/vista, etc). It only includes id3 support due to large amount of requests for it, so far Ive managed id3v1 support without making mp3 centric.

Incase some people still arent clear:

  • isnt just for renaming mp3s.
  • It will always support generic batch file renaming.
  • mp3 options will only be added if they dont interfere with generic renaming (is why id3 support was put off repeatedly until gui overhaul)
  • Accoustic fingerprinting will be added post 4.0 at a quick look its still not ready for mainstream usage).

And some other points I need to make:

  • dont write and complain about the use of free webhosts, unless your offering me stable webspace with my own login.
  • is pronounced "namefix dot P L"
  • I only want to hear about "competing" apps if they have a feature doesnt, In which case I will add the feature if usefull (dont tell me about acoustic fingerprinting FFS I know about that 1).