Saturday, July 05, 2008

4.0 - finally

Well here it is, 4.0 in all its overdue glory.

I am finally happy enough with the code to call it a .0 , plus now my focus can shift to some of my 5.0 goals that have been long overdue. For starters I will be resurrecting the command line interface and implementing a gtk/qt3 gui (all depends on which one is the most portable and support by perl).

I will of course remake the win32 installer and package the source with the release. Its not high on my list of priorities but it will get done. If someone else would like to do it I would be very grateful.

  • enabled block rename window to be resized nicely, same for br_show_list windows (ie br preview).
  • sorted mp3 genres
  • reverted fn_readdir removal of '.' and '..' back to a for loop. I had not noticed but occassionally a dir will list a file before '.' and '..'. this leads to a file being omitted when I truncated the dir array by two. This was a very rare occuring bug that I thought I had allready squashed.

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