Thursday, May 15, 2008 4.0 RC12

Done a lot of work since the last release, squashed all known bugs (that I can remember). The Block rename feature has become a real good feature for myself and a few other users I send WIP code to, I hope everyone else finds it as useful. I shall write up a tutorial on blockrename and post it somewhere permanent.

Turned out removing use of $_ was a lot more involved than I though, about 4-5 years ago I felt the most sane solution for dealing with perl find was to make fixname use $_ by default. I have since changed my view on the topic and done a lot of recoding to make fixname and all subs receive passed variables which is a much more common practice.

Enough drivel I suppose, here is the changelog (drivel in bullet point format):

4.0 RC12

  • blockrename filter now checks to see if a filter string has been entered (like main window)
  • a recursive list now uses the same format as preview and run
  • arrows only printed in hlist if text is a file.
  • rebuilt find_fix again, recursive renaming issues resolved. The problem was caused by find changing directory.
  • fixnames 1st plog was set to level 4 instead of 3, fixed.
  • fixname was still addressing $_, fixed
  • set escape_string to log level 5

  • filter is now a checkbutton, will not be enabled if there is no filter
  • updated dir_filtered sub to be more efficient
  • rebuilt find_fix sub (again) while tracking down recursive issues.
  • removed now empty gui/
  • removed redundant sub multiscolly
  • added new config tab 'debug' for debug options
  • shifted config gui code to gui/
  • shifted bulk of the main dir dialog stuff to
  • found 'filename - - 02x01.avi' becomes 'filename - - - 02x01.avi' was being caused by double up on replace words.
  • fixed preview not counting possible renames

  • removed the 2nd call of fn_replace in fixname, was causing duplication issues.
  • added (very basic) help menu
  • plog level 0 prepends ERROR> instead of DGB0>
  • added new feature & flag ERROR_STDOUT, which prints errors to stdout (duh)
  • added new feature & flag LOG_STDOUT,

  • pressing stop 2x will set the LISTING flag to 0, seem to have some issues with stopping when listing a large directory. This is a work around for the moment until I trace down the real issue.
  • new global flag ERROR_NOTIFY - toggles error dialog's
  • .. does not get listed in the new fields. (nice cosmetic fix I felt)
  • .. was getting printed 2x, fixed
  • added code to br_cleanup to prevent null values been sent to subs and causing issue mentioned below (was being caused by lists not matching in length, should a rename be attempted namefix errors).
  • added code to prevent 'Use of uninitialized value' errors in fixname
  • added sub br_txt_clean, removes trailing crap from new filenames when cleanup button is pushed in block rename gui. Handy for copying filenames from a html table (ie
  • removed redudant escape filter code from ls_dir
  • added new global flag FILTER
  • block rename can use main guis filter

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