Saturday, September 27, 2008 4.0.1 - CLI Returns

Welcome back to CLI mode which has been missing since version 2.0.
Its funny how things seem to come full circle, back in 2000 when I started this app it was a very simple command line tool that grew into a gui app. Now 8 years later the command line interface has been put back in. I never intended to take out the cli but I simply lost the 2.0 cli only code while I went mad learning to use the Tk widget set.

New CLI Features:
  • The new cli interface boasts nearly full access to options and once I am done it will have complete access.
  • Short and long style options are supported
  • Can save options as default from cli interface
  • Can output to a console (or gui if u want) html webbrowser using --html, defaults to elinks atm (extremely handy for id3 mode).

  • The current options names are not set in stone, think of them as placeholders for better names which Im waiting on users like yourself to suggest.
  • HTML mode really does rock. 4.0.1

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