Tuesday, February 26, 2008

namefix.pl 4.0 RC9

Well I have broken my own release rules again and added several features. I felt these features are neccesary for the 4.0 vintage version Im aiming / hoping for.

No windows release atm, since I havent been coding much at all in win32 lately, I will make a release soon enough.

Of quick note there is a undo feature and also logging. I shall ramble on about the changes later as I am quite tired tonight. Here is the changelog.

4.0 RC9
* logging added and currently enabled by default, logs to ~/.namefix.pl/logfile.txt
debug level is set in global vars atm
* block rename: the original filename list is now editable.
why ?, so you can trim entrys you do not want renamed, if the file does not exist
it is just skipped. This was originally going to be buttons allowing top/bottom
entry to be deleted but I felt this was simpler if not elegant, (it was also very
easy todo).
* front & end append routines are run after all cleanups
* added kill patterns & kill common words routines to 2nd run like below
* replace/remove (same function) is run 2x, the 2nd run is just before final cleanups.
This should improve matching user entered words
example: filename \"Some.File.Ripped.By.Mem.mp3\"
user rmword \"Ripped By Mem\"
would normally fail but now will be caught
* shifted listing of .. to top of ls_dir routine rather than have other routines
attempt todo it themselfs.
* manual & block rename do not relist directory on exit unless rename occured
* depreciated &readdir func due to conflict with perls CORE::readdir, naughty jacob
fn_readdir is its replacement.
* blockrename func uses Process Dir option
* undo only gets overwritten by new renaming action
* internal dir listing routines overhauled
* blockrename uses filter
* added basic 1 level undo functionality, works for block rename & normal batch renaming
* linux default font size decreased
* blockrename window size adjusted
* blockrename references current filename for file / dir / string checks
* blockrename clean button now applys all mainwindow cleanups to list
options are controlled by mainwindow still
* fixed killwords weirdness when using builtin list
* created gui update_delay routine......
rather than update everytime a new list entry is added it does updates every N times
has made gui alot faster :)
* id3 & fn case issue resolved thanks to fixing guess tags
* guess tags guesses of the new filename not the old one (doh)
* truly massive cleanup of code in fixname.pm (sub routined most of it)
* fixed folder icon not showing for .. listing when renaming
* added FQM, OMiCRON & 0TV to rm word list
* rearranged main windows widget drawing order for a slightly nicer start (Im happy with it :P )
* cleaned up bookmark code, updated notes on bookmark hack
* removed several debug prints

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slam said...

well give me a windows one already and I'll test it and tell you some ideas I have