Sunday, April 18, 2010 4.0.2

Long time in between updates but the code is always being tweaked for my own use :P

  • updated NSIS installer for windows.
  • Explorer intergration back for windows users (is not removed by uninstall option currently).
  • file properties in gui
  • Delete button in GUI, it will display a confirmation dialog - please be careful.
  • Fixed nf_print displaying dir icon for blank message lines in the gui's hlist.
  • updated prog_dir detection so when run with perl exe without a proceeding dir it sets prog dir to ./
  • added more roman numerals to sp_case
  • removed whites in cli/ " old>" and quotes on filenames
  • added - to fn_kill_cwords's regexp.
  • fixed typo in cli options, was $main::pad__digits should be $main::pad_digits.
  • dots variable was not being set by cli option - fixed
  • fn_dots2space renamed to fn_dot2space (-s) to match the variable
  • cli option --unscene was actually -unscene, fixed.
  • spaces short option was listed as "s" in cli help, its actually p - fixed.
  • included entrys in the killwords list with nasty characters were not being processed.
  • Escaped killword and special_casing array now stored in @main::kill_words_arr_escaped and @main::word_casing_arr respectively, rather than overwriting themselves solving this issue and a few others. added [Moonsong], Dvsky, aaf, sys to killword list