Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy easter all

4.0.1a - bit more polish on the CLI interface, thanks to John Tibbs for picking out the coding errors and typos I never manage to.

Ive been a bit quite on the updates for lately due to a new job which keeps me very busy (Systems Administrator for a Large International Mining Laboratory). I have also been house hunting and currently waiting for finance approval for the house I have made an offer on. Hopefully once Im in my new house I will be able to get more coding done and also resume my electronic projects.

Enjoy The holidays :)

  • cli short options can be put anywhere, not just at start
  • updated to stop making broken links
  • fixed - Special Case misses casing that begin with a hyphen, eg "- a "
  • fixed chdir error when just running
  • fixed "pad NN w -" when using underscores
  • fixed cli short options being double processed as long options and being rejected
  • fixed a few typos

Forgot to comment out line 635 and cbf re-uploading and bumping version number either. Line 635 just prints out some info when processing short options.