Tuesday, November 27, 2007

4.0 RC8

Short n sweet post (Im so tired).

1 feature added (big one to) and 1 error fixed. The usual code cleanup on whatever pm files I had open at the time.

block renaming added
.. fixed

what is block renaming ?, checkout this thread.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Seems my regexp for the radio station I rip @ work isnt quite perfect, so here it is the new and improved. Thinking of adding a delete option to the right click menu to. Shits me jumping back to explorer / konqueror just to delete a file.

requested by (\w+|\s+|-)+

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

4.0 RC7 Released

Well I guess Im a lazy sob, havent fixed .. :P
Thought Id push up the new version regardless, Im finding that overwrite option very handy myself. For any1 else who happens to stream rip off a similar shoutcast station, this: requested by \w+ In remove words works perfectlty.

Available on sourceforge as always


I do appreciate the odd review I get, but reviewers if you feel that there is a certian issue that needs resolution how about you email me and provided your input rather than write off my latest version. Thanks :)

Cracked Again
Yer namefix.pl 3.9b seems very popular with sad losers trying to propagate their trojans through crack sites. Few more came through my google alerts recently.

Friday, November 16, 2007

4.0 RC7 ~

Well, despite my best intentions a new feature has made its way in.
new option = overwrite.

Overwrite as the name implies will not check to see if the destination filename exists before preforming the move. The option overwrite will never be save enabled, it is strictly a THIS SESSION ONLY option.

Its one of these things I never thought I would use but it came in very handy today. At work I use winamp + streamripper to make a nice quick mp3 collection. Now this particular stream I rip loves to put "requested by " on the title id3 tag, this in turn gets pushed to the filename through no fault of streamripper. Anyways, the overwrite option elegantly solves that issue for me, turn off general cleanup, set remove to "requested by .*" and replace with to ".mp3" and tada, no more double ups.

I will release RC7 shortly, Id like to knock off that .. bug before I do though.

mem out o/

Monday, November 12, 2007

4.0 RC6 Released

Sorry for the delay (Im sure my users are used to them by now).

Anyway 4.0 RC6 has been released, its a pretty quick and dirty release honestly.
The bad: its a rar, no win32 installer, the compiled namefix.exe hasnt been tested on a win32 machine without a perl install.
The Good: Hey I finally released it :P

namefix.pl 4.0 RC6