Saturday, September 15, 2007


Id like to know if any1 else has this same problem.
Goto File, Options, Advanced and untick disable regexp.
Then list current dir, for me it wasnt listing but running a preview would generate the list.

On another note Im giving serious thought to 5.0, plans include:
  • new ui toolkit, as nice as tk is to program with its just not supported well enough in perl anymore. So Im torn between gtk / qt. I have looked at wxwidgets but its not what I need / am after.
  • musicbrainz support, thanks amarok for giving me that idea ;)
  • mp3 tag guessing schema, another idea Ive gotten from amarok. This will allow guessing of album & year from directorys finally.
  • Unicode/UTF8 - Im hoping with an overhaul of all code I can sort out international character issues. Failing that a nice clean layout will make it easier for some1 familiar with Unicode/UTF8 to fix up my code.
  • Plugins, a plugin will simply be another tab added to the gui. The hope is people will be able to extend the functionality without impacting usability for newbs. Dont expect to see this feature for awhile gui and code overhaul must come first.
  • New picture for my about page - lets face it, that mugshot cant be helping my resume :P