Sunday, April 13, 2008

namefix 4.0 RC11 win32 repack

namefix 4.0 RC11 win32 repack

Seems I still need to learn howto use the perl package a bit better, for whatever reason its not including the libs directory. Simply extract the namefix folder to c:\program files and run the reg file. No installer at this point as I need to update the nsi script and I just dont have the time atm.

Friday, April 11, 2008

namefix 4.0 RC11 - win32 release

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Sorry for the lag in win32 releases, its just that I cbf :P

namefix 4.0 RC11

Here it is, 4.0 RC11, heavily buffed & polished and closer to the elusive 4.0.
I decided to release it before I get to distracted with this other program Im writing at work. I think all that really remains before 4.0 (apart from cleaning up my own messy code) is a full test of recursive feature.


I havent had time to fully test recursive renaming (itself and with the undo).
Still havent looked into the windows bug, mentioned in previous post, though I may have fixed it while sorting out another problem**.

4.0 RC11 Changelog:
  • Mon Apr 7 2008

  • removed a bit of redundant code from fixname
  • filter wasnt working in recurisve listing / renaming - fixed
  • if match_filter gets passed a blank string it will error - this shouldnt happen
  • match_filter 1st checks for empty filter, if so returns 1 (its quicker).
  • created ls_dir_print_passthru (little hack) so ls_dir_print gets a var passed from find
  • ls_dir_print no longer uses $_, instead gets passed a var like a normal sub

  • Sat Apr 5 2008

  • undo now uses fullpaths
  • made a little hack for file find so fixname no longer uses $_
  • colourfied the main guis buttons
  • adjusted dynamic tabs size for better fit of entry widgets
  • removed readdir sub, no calls to it left - was masking perls internal readdir command.
  • removed last of nf_error calls

  • /04/2008

  • nf_error subroutine and calls completely removed, now using plog 0 for error msgs
  • plog statements added to
  • new global flag RUN
  • All run, list and preview subs now check to see if a previous listing/ rename/ preview is running - if so it aborts with an error msg.
  • fixed issue with blockrename failing on filenames containing whitespaces at the begining or end.
  • removed redundant nf_error

  • 2/04/2008

  • removed old print statement from sub undo_rename
  • removed undo menu entry, replaced with undo gui menu entry
  • started work on undo gui (leading to multi level undo).

  • 1/04/2008

  • got preview list working correctly
  • set block rename to read old file list from txt box and not re-read directory - causes rename misalignment.
  • added a new plog0 should sub br get passed a blank new filename.
  • block rename uses new hlist for results as well.

  • 31/03/2008

  • Large amount of code formatting for file
  • started implementing a hlist for the block rename preview

  • 27/03/2008

  • fixed error with br_readdir not returning any list
  • br_read_dir now preforms a ci_sort on the arrary before returning
  • added more tooltips to blockrename gui
  • tidied txt_reset routine
  • created new error, after blockrename the txt is not reset
  • fixed main hlist being blanked when using blockrename, prep_globals was the offending sub
  • started seperating gui code
  • new sub for main hlist clear

  • Wed Mar 26 2008

  • started using dates again in changelog, Im a slacker :P
  • shifted sub br_readdir from to
  • improved handling of blank line in blockrename
  • thanks now uses show_dialog
  • changelog now uses show_dialog
  • added stop button to block rename
  • added stop check to fn_rename
  • added show_dialog func which will replace some generic dialogs I usewhen plog recieves a 0 it uses show_dialog to display error msg
  • replaced preview button with checkbutton tied to main preview var
  • preview displays a window now
  • stop button added for stopping listing and renaming
  • coloured stop, list and run buttons in a traffic light theme
  • update delay is disabled when renaming
  • fixname subs dont plog results if no changes to string / filename
  • tidied nf_print a bit
  • organized and padded buttons on blockrename gui
  • more plog statements added to: manual rename, hlist_cd, nf_print
  • if hlist_cd cannot change dir it resets \$main::dir to the original value
  • ** when hlist_cd changes a dir, main::dir is set to cwd for a sane dir varaible